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Arrrrrrrrrrt dump!

So. This be an art dump, yo.

First bunch in a series of sketch cards. Each of these were drawn and then inked/colored on a 3x5 index card. Characters are as follows:

Top left- Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece
Top right- Kira from Kira and the Bakery, a short story my dad wrote me when I was little
Bottom- ... Chris Pine

The second bunch of sketchcards.


-Lynda Moss from Doctor Who
-Delta and Sigma fro Red vs Blue (it's a scene from a fic on the rvb_het comm on livejournal)
-Jim Kirk and Gaila from Star Trek XI
-York from Red vs Blue
-President Drom from the novel I'm working on, Voyager.
-Jim Kirk from Star Trek XI

So a long while ago (try something like three years ago) I was dared by a friend to write what would usually be considered a terrible Mary-Sue fic. Basically it was "THROW SOMEONE INTO THE DC UNIVERSE. AND MAKE HER SUPER. 8DD" The catch was the character had to be well-developed and actually have an excuse for being there other than "OHAI, THIS IS YOUR OTHER COUSIN FROM KRYPTON."

Thus, Springsteel was born. I figured, when making Kon-el from Superman and Luthor's DNA, there had to be some experiments before they actually got the result they wanted in Kon. Springsteel is one of those experiments and she, by pure chance and happenstance, managed to escape the labs before they could terminate her.

It's taken me this long to read all the comics to be able to work her into the universe and actually start writing the fic. And. Y'know. Life got in the way too.

I'm working on some concept artwork for her as I start writing the fic. Jury's still out on if I'll post it anywhere. If it goes anywhere, it'll probably just go on Maybe my fanfiction comm on Dreamwidth. We'll see. It's mainly just for my own entertainment.

So, as part of the story with Springsteel (whose "real" name I'm still debating on. I'm torn between Vara and Lara. Lara being Supes' mom's name [ which is why I'm leery of it ] and Vara is the name of his kid in an Elseworlds comic) she ends up going to ~THE FUTURE~ and working with the Legion for a little while. This is one design I've been working on for her Legion!outfit.

More V/Lara.

... there we go. I could name her Vlara!

Maybe not.

Last one of her, I swear. ♥ ... her eyes look a little too slanted to me. But I like it overall so I may end up cleaning it up and coloring it.

Comic page I first sketched out in... January I think it was? No idea if I'll ever finish inking it or coloring it.

Carolina Ford from the comic that may forever be a WIP

I drew this way back in December, but it's still one of the pieces I'm the most proud of.

Morgana from BBC's Merlin.